Due to its extensive branch network and broad product offering, Chase Bank is often considered the best-known financial institution in the United States. Customers have access to a full range of banking services, including checking, savings, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit. However, if you're looking for a bank with rates on par with other financial institutions, you'll want to look elsewhere. Let's discuss the Chase Bank review.


What does Chase offer?

As a major depository company, Chase Bank offers customers a full range of account options and services, as expected from such a financial institution. Customers can choose from various checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, credit cards, and other credit products to meet their unique needs. Customers who use multiple Chase products get the bank's favorable interest rate and the ability to combine balances to avoid penalties.

Verify account

Chase Bank offers customers a variety of checking account options. If you do not meet the waiver requirements, a monthly maintenance fee will be per account. The three most commonly used accounts are the Chase Total Checking Account, Chase Sapphire Banking Account, and Chase Premier Plus Checking Account. Premier Plus chequing accounts will not be charged Chase's normal non-Chase ATM fees up to four times per billing cycle.

However, any charges due to ATM levies will still be incurred. If you have a Sapphire Bank account, you won't incur ATM fees, and you'll receive refunds for any costs you've made multiple payments to other banks. In addition, Chase offers specialized checking accounts designed to meet the needs of specific groups. Chase Security Bank offers bank accounts with no minimum deposit requirements, no paper checks issued, and no money order or cashier's check fees.

The Chase University chequing account allows students to purchase a free account while attending school for up to five years. After that, the report will only cost $6 per month if you don't waive the price for qualifying activity. Active duty military members and veterans can open a Chase Premier Plus chequing account for free without a minimum balance requirement.


Saving account

Chase has two different types of traditional savings accounts to choose from. Chase savings accounts offer interest rates independent of account size, but the Chase Premium Savings Account offers better relationship rates for customers with larger balances. Customers who meet the requirements to become a Chase Private Client can access a Chase Private Client Savings Account. This account offers graded interest rates based on the amount in the report.


Chase Bank offers term deposits in various terms, from one month to ten years. If you deposit a larger amount, you may be eligible for a higher interest rate on your deposit slip. Customers can pay interest on their CDs monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or when the CD matures.

The minimum deposit required to issue a certificate of deposit with Chase Bank is $1,000. CDs can be opened online or at a physical location. On the other hand, if you want to open a CD with a balance of $1 million or more, you have to go to a branch and talk to the banker there.

Credit card

Chase is known for offering consumers a variety of credit card options. Personal and small business customers can choose from credit cards that generate rewards in the form of cashback or points that can be used to buy merchandise or travel. Credit cards that offer tips offer a variety of co-branding opportunities with hotels, airlines, and other businesses.

Customer service

With more than 4,700 Chase locations, customers can meet with a bank representative to review their accounts in person. You can use the bank's online branch locator to find the most convenient location. Store hours may vary by state. You can also access your account outside of normal business hours by using the mobile app, visiting online, or calling customer service. You can access 24/7 customer service online and send encrypted communications.

Telephone hotline hours vary depending on which department you contact. You can contact Personal Banking and Credit Card Customer Service at 1-800-935-9935. Chase Bank's mobile app gives you a comprehensive overview of your banking history and interactions with the bank.